Staffed Camps at Philmont

CO=commisary (food pickup), TP=trading post, CA=cantina, CT=cabin tour, FI=fishing opportunity

All camps in bold are ones I have been to

I have been to every staffed camp in Philmont

  • Abreu - (CA,FI) Adobe casa, Mexican Dinner, burro racing
  • Apache Springs - Jicarilla Apache life, corn grinding, sweat lodge
  • Baldy Camp - (CO,TP,CT) Geology
  • Beaubien - Horse rides, western lore, chuck wagon dinner
  • Black Mountain - Mountain Livin', black powder rifle, blacksmithing
  • Cimarroncito - Rock climbing, environmental awareness
  • Clark's Fork - Horse rides, western lore, chuck wagon dinner
  • Clear Creek - fur trapping, black powder rifle
  • Crater Lake - Philmont story campfire, spar pole climbing, railroad tie making
  • Crooked Creek - Homesteading
  • Cypher's Mine - Blacksmithing, gold panning, mine tour
  • Dan Beard - no trace camping, challenge events
  • Dean Cow - Rock climbing, environmental awareness
  • Fish Camp - (CT,FI) Fly tying
  • French Henry - Blacksmithing, gold panning, mine tour
  • Harlan - Burro racing, 12 gauge shotgun
  • Head of Dean - challenge events
  • Indian Writings - Archeology
  • Miner's Park - Rock climbing, environmental awareness
  • Miranda - Burro packing, mountain man rendezvous
  • Phillips Junction - (CO,TP,FI)
  • Ponil - (CO,TP,CA)Horse rides, burro packing, western lore, chuck wagon dinner
  • Pueblano - Philmont story campfire, spar pole climbing, railroad tie making
  • Rayado - Kit Carson Musuem, Homesteading
  • Rich Cabins - (CT,CO) Homesteading
  • Ring Place - (CO,CT) environmental awareness, conservation, astronomy
  • Rocky Mountain Scout Camp - PTC training
  • Sawmill - .30-06 rifle shooting
  • Seally Canyon - Wilderness medicine/search and rescue
  • Urraca - Philmont story campfire, challenge events
  • Ute Gulch - (TP,CO)
  • Whiteman Vega - Mountain biking

    Trail Camps at Philmont

    Agua Fria Aguila Anasazi Aspen Springs Backache Spring Badger Camp
    Bear Canyon Bear Caves Below Shuree Bent Black Horse Black Jacks
    Bonita Cow Buck Creek Cathedral Rock Cimarron River Comanche Comanche Peak
    Cook Canyon Copper Park Cottonwood Trail Crags Deer Lake Camp Deer Lake Mesa
    Devil's Washbasin Elkhorn Ewells Park Flume Canyon Greenwood Canyon Headwaters Ponil
    Iris Park Lambert's Mine Line Camp Lookout Meadow Lost Cabin Lovers Leap
    Lower Bonita McBride Canyon McCrystal Creek Mt. Phillips New Dean North Fork Urraca
    Old Abreu Old Camp Ponderosa Park Porcupine Pueblano Ruins Rayado River
    Red Hills Rimrock Park Santa Claus Shaefers Pass Sioux Stockade Camp
    Thunder Ridge Tooth Ridge Toothache Spring Turkey Creek Upper Bench Upper Clarks Fork
    Upper Dean Cow Ute Meadows Ute Springs Vaca Visto Grande Webster Lake
    Webster Parks Wild Horse Zastrow

    Inactive Camps at Philmont

    Antelope Baldy Saddle Baldy Skyline Bear/Black Saddle
    Big Red Brownsea Commanche Pass Dean Skyline
    Four Mile Fowler Pass Line Camp Maxwell
    Metcalf Canyon Midnight View Olympia Ponderosa
    Six Mile Gate Spring Canyon Stonewall Pass Turkey Canyon Camp
    Uracca Mesa Ute Park Pass